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We're a group of people who share an interest in breaking down the barriers faced by disabled people in their everyday lives. We usually meet fortnightly on Tuesdays between 6pm and 8pm at the Thistle Foundation, where we're based.

Group photograph
Group members in the Garden Cafe

What do we want?

  1. Craigmillar transport and buildings to be fully accessible to all disabled people
  2. Inclusive employment and educational opportunities across the board
  3. To raise awareness of how disabled people should be fully included in the community
  4. To communicate with local groups and people about issues affecting disabled people in their communities
  5. To promote a fully inclusive and understanding community
  6. To campaign collectively with other groups on issues affecting disabled people
  7. To gain skills ourselves and learn about community action

How are we going about it?

  1. Developing links with other groups
  2. Recruiting new members
  3. Building up a bank of knowledge and information
  4. Forming working parties on issues
  5. Publicising our work as a group
  6. Getting support to encourage us to perfect our political skills
  7. Maintaining our funding