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TRANSPORT EVENT 27th November 2001

DDS Group member waits at a bus stop on Edinburgh's North Bridge"I'm not in control.
It's a bit of a lottery.
Will I have to wait ages for a wheelchair accessible bus?
I started out with plenty of time.
Now I'm panicking."

(DDS Group member's experience of a bus journey)

DDS Group member looks shaken after taxi journey"It's all a bit dodgy. I'm hoping the taxi driver will get out the ramp. He tilts me back and tells me he has never dropped a wheelchair before. It's a bit scary. He doesn't want to get the ramp out. In the taxi I slide from side to side. He doesn't seem to want to use the seatbelt either.
He puts his foot down.
I will phone and complain later.
I feel out of control now. Terrible."

(DDS Group member's experience of a taxi journey)

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