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Welcome to the Democracy, Disability and Society Group Taxi Driver Training Pack.

We have a problem
A person using crutches stands outside a cinema, under a neon sign saying "Horror Stories" and a banner saying "Taxi Journey - the movie"; their hair is standing on end
  Addressing the problem
A group of people in a classroom, the teacher is pointing at a poster on the wall, and a banner with L-plates at either end reads "Taxi Driver Disability Awareness Training"
Many disabled people have difficulties using taxis
  Good communication
One of the taxi drivers from the classroom smiles and offers to shake hands with a wheelchair user
— Hello, my name is Jim
— I'm June, pleased to meet you
Correct procedures
The driver pushes the passenger - the wheelchair user - up a ramp to his taxi
What a difference a ramp makes
  Better customer service
Looking into the front of the taxi, the driver grins broadly, and the passenger can be seen in the back
I'm glad I've done my disability awareness training
  Increased customer satisfaction
Looking into the back of the taxi, the passenger grins broadly. The number plate appears to read "The End"
It's great to have confidence in the driver

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