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We are The Democracy, Disability and Society Group, a group of people trying to break down the barriers to disabled people's inclusion in society. Our own experiences have caused us to be particularly concerned about the availability of transport to get around.

In this web site we intend to help this process by showing how taxi companies, drivers and local authorities can best support disabled people's use of taxis.


Eleanor: That this web site will make it easier for disabled people to get about using taxis

Andy: To promote mutual understanding between taxi drivers and disabled passengers

George: That taxi drivers will read this and take our work on board

Val: My hope is that equality is respected and showed to every customer. My hope for the training web site is that they read and follow the C.R.E.E.D. which they have read with conviction:

  C = Courtesy
R = Respect
E = Equality
E = Education
D = Dignity

Eric: For taxi drivers to learn sign language and go on a deaf awareness course. I would like the taxi drivers not to drive so fast.

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