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There are a number of reasons why taking a disability awareness course and providing an inclusive, positive kind of customer service are important for taxi drivers:

[info icon]Disability Rights Commission web site
[info icon]DRC campaign web site

The Disability Rights Commission has recently had a campaign showing that disabled people are currently half as likely to have a job, get a place at University or leave school with any qualifications. While they and we are working to improve this situation, it is also true that disabled people are about twice as likely to want to use taxis as everybody else. This means that a taxi driver who takes disabled passengers has a lot more potential customers and therefore income.

The Disability Discrimination Act already means that it is an offence for drivers of accessible taxis to refuse to carry a passenger on the grounds of their disability unless the driver holds and displays a specific medical exemption certificate. By 2012, all licensed taxis and cabs will have to be accessible, and already some licensing authorities require that all new taxis are accessible.

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